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Do you want to know more about what Malakaï does, mainly because this website miraculously achieves the impossible of being incredibly detailed yet still vague?

Are you trying to find out his deepest, darkest secrets but you’re too scared to ask him to his face because he’s a little bit tall and gives intense eye contact?

Or perhaps you’re just an ordinary human being who doesn’t need to be told how to use a contact form. If you’d like to get in touch, you know what to do – while he’s not great at texts, Malakaï is generally up for meeting with artists to help develop their ideas or take on some more work. 

Please do not get in touch with an unpaid work request as Malakaï can’t pay his rent with exposure or returned favours – which is a shame, because if he could he really would. Malakaï, like many others of his Black, queer, working class peers attempting to make a living in the arts sector are very tired of being expected to work for free and talk on behalf of all Black/queer/working class people as and when it’s convenient (word to Aliyah). 

Safe x

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summer 2019 events

Born::Free presents: Veranda #1 (as co-creative director) – 13 June, 6:30pm | Roundhouse

Film Lines & Poems (as poet) – 26 June, 7pm | Battersea Arts Centre

Over to You (as director) – 18 July, 7:30pm | Rich Mix

Likkle Rum R&D workshop: Birmingham (as producer) – 29 July, 2-5pm | Impact Hub Birmingham

Likkle Rum R&D workshop: Nottingham (as producer) – 2 August, 2-5pm | Brickyard Community Centre

LIFT Tottenham Weekender (as trustee) – 2-4 August | various locations

Hackney Empire ADP 2019 (as assistant director) – 9 August, 7:30pm | Hackney Empire

Likkle Rum with Grandma R&D sharing (as producer) – 16 August, 4:30pm | Theatre Deli

Order Rife: 21 Stories From Britain’s Youth here


and finally...

some interesting threads and inspirational, late-night tweets I've written. Enjoy x