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If you like what I do, or want to know more about it, then feel free to holla me. Although I'm kind of tall I'm really not that intimidating and will always be down to grab a coffee, discuss an idea or take on some more work. 

Please be wary of getting in touch if you'd like me to do consultancy work on diversity or inclusivity, unless it's paid. Myself and my other black, working class peers attempting to make a living in the arts sector are very tired of being expected to work for free and talk on behalf of all black people (word to Aliyah). 

If the contact form looks a bit scary, you can just drop me a line in your own time.

Safe x

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autumn 2018 events

likkle workshop with grandma // 27 October 2018 – 1:30-3pm, Stanley Halls

likkle rum with grandma // 27 October 2018 – 4:30-5:30pm, Stanley Halls

hear me now // 1 November 2018 – 6:30-9pm, RADA Studios

making it happen // 9 November 2018, 2-6:30pm, Rich Mix

bright smoke // 8 November 2018, 7-9pm, The Other Place

scratch that // 20 November 2018 // 7-30pm, Bernie Grant Arts Centre

s+k fundraiser // 8 December 2018 // 7-10:30pm, Bunker Theatre


and finally...

some interesting threads and inspirational, late-night tweets I've written. Enjoy x