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but I didn’t want to keep breathing… I couldn’t believe that life would be resigned to this cycle, the rotation of in and out.

Do you ever feel like your life is subscribed to a routine? A monotonous cycle of thoughts and actions, attempting daily to feel fulfilled – to fulfil others... to fill your voids?

VOID is an exploration of the soul's anatomy. This striking piece of new writing by Birmingham-based writer Rumi Woolf breaks boundaries of form and linearity in a unique storytelling experience, bringing to the forefront issues of human need, the cycle of trauma, obligatory love, the constant stream of connection and dissociation – and the addictive nature of Tesco meal deals.

Join us for a journey of dissecting the human unconscious and the strings of our puppet master: the joys, the pain, the songs and the love that seed themselves deep beneath our common being.

Then, in a flashing movement, your foot is pricked by a bramble. A trickle of negligible blood flushes the grass red… You deny the pain. You keep running.

This participatory theatre experience has been written by Rumi Woolf, developed with Myah Jeffers, and directed by me. 

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