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likkle rum with grandma

when I came here I cried for nearly two years… everyday.

Before she was grandma, she was mum; before that she was just herself. How can you love someone if you only start knowing them from when you were born?

Exploring the idea of holding funerals for people before they die, Likkle Rum With Grandma dissects ideas of loss, love, migration, displacement and the healing properties of rum through the lens of a second-generation Jamaican struggling to comprehend British people’s fruitcake.

This emotive piece of new writing by Croydon-based writer Jeremiah ‘SugarJ’ Brown mixes poetry, storytelling and a Jamaican grandmother’s voice to bring to the fore issues of loneliness, immigration and what distance does to family love while travelling over a generational bridge.

Come chill and catch a vibe as we get to know Grandma – and a young man gets to understand himself.

What do I need? Just a little visit.

This is the first solo show of poet Jeremiah 'Sugar J' Brown, produced by me, with sold-out cratch performances throughout 2018 at Hackney Showroom, the Roundhouse and Bernie Grant Arts Centre. With Myah Jeffers on board as director, the show is now available for touring Autumn 2019.

photo by Oriste-Etemi Olugbo

photo by Oriste-Etemi Olugbo

roundhouse (July 2018)